OXFAM – Improving the life of Farmers in Pakistan

A regional campaign to raise awareness on the issue of land rights and bonded labour was designed. It focused on the culture of land disputes and bonded labour in Pakistan.

Our role:

With the intent of reaching policy makers and government officials, White Rice developed a range of campaign material including a film on the state of land rights, ownership discrimination and bonded labor in Pakistan.

Tools developed:

  • A film, made in Sindh, to project local perspectives, prejudice towards land rights and the emancipation of laborers.
  • A community awareness animated film that depicted the negative effects of land rights on generations of families.
  • Transcribing personal stories for a narrative booklet.


The nationwide awareness raising campaign reached out to people through mainstream media and through different gatherings, seminars, events and direct interactions.

  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID Design & Production