OXFAM – Aitebaar (Trust) Campaign

A year-long campaign to create awareness on the issues of imprisoned women was launched. The project goal was to effectively highlight this taboo issue with sensitivity and build a movement for change in policies.

Our role:

To reflect the severity of ignoring the needs of society’s most marginalized population, we used powerful images, emotional narratives, case studies and statistics.  The campaign’s focus was on two aspects, social reintegration of women and increased access to financial, human and material resources for women in jail and Dar-ul-amans. White Rice employed different strategies for this purpose by using different mediums to disseminate the message.

Tools developed:

  • Mass media content
  • interactive street theatre performances
  • local government dialogues
  • awareness raising rallies
  • SMS campaign
  • Online monitoring mechanism


The campaign was active on the ground for 6 months and continues to be a key priority for Oxfam and its Partners.

  • YEAR 2015
  • WE DID Design & Print
  • PARTNERS European Union & SPO