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White Rice Communications is a specialized behavior centered design and communications agency which focuses on changing human behaviors, in a community or at an organizational level. Over the last 10 years, we have worked on some of humanity’s most challenging problems. With over 100 clients and 350 projects, we have touched the lives of million people across Pakistan.










Creating social impact by design

Design thinking has a transformative power to break barriers and change mindsets. We apply behavioral science and human centered design to create scalable social impact. This often means spending considerable time with the communities we design solutions for and it's almost always rewarding. With the communities actively involved with us in the co-creation process, we ensure that the solutions are; for the people, by the people.

Making organizations more human centered

We enable organizations to change their cultures and build their brands. By focusing on a human centered design process, organizations are better able to interpret people’s needs allowing for the development of unified and breakthrough solutions. Our methods include empathy building, observation, prototyping, scaling, & storytelling—all of which can be applied to a breadth of organizational challenges in order to design new strategies, programs, services, products and communications.



Applying Human Centered Design (HCD) to our branding process enables us to understand your brand from every possible vantage point. We extract key information from employees by taking organizations through specifically tailored Brandstorming Sessions. This inclusive process helps us understand you better, much better than a unilaterally written brief.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Corporate Profile
  • Brand Identity
  • Documentaries

Behaviour Change Communications

Our Behaviour Change Communication model is based on exhaustive research, spending time with communities, understanding social norms and their perception of change, studying behaviour settings, co-creating with the same communities we design solutions for, prototyping and lots & lots of testing.

  • Animations
  • Game-based Learning
  • E-learning
  • Short Films
  • Mobile Content
  • Interpersonal Community Tools
  • Role-play & Interaction Theatre

Mass Awareness Campaign

We've learned, through experience, about the futility of designing solutions when there is no, or not enough, demand for change. Creating this demand by educating people is the first step towards a long journey, and we do this by joining hands with the people we want to impact; raising awareness and amplifying their voices. How?

  • Campaign Strategy
  • TV Campaigns
  • Radio Campaigns
  • Print & Outdoor Campaigns
  • Social media Strategy & Campaigns


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